Santa Anita Employee of the Month Trophy Santa Anita Employee of the Meet

Santa Anita…….Employee of the Meet 2012. Its not a secret anymore!!! And the winner is….AMI ATKINSON !!! Here is the Trophy I made for Santa Anita at the end of this season.

Gadget Queen Gadget Queen Trophy

Champion Filly……GADGET QUEEN!!!!! I spoke with Blaine Wright this morning and got the address to send this trophy to. These are her WINNING SHOES and it is a gift for the owners.

Coldwell Banker Horseshoe Coldwell Banker Horseshoe Trophy

COLDWELL BANKERĀ  had me make trophies for the top 2 agents of 2010.

Clockers Corner Horseshoe Trophy

Clockers Corner…..I sold this little SANTA ANITA trophy and a retro ZENYATTA trophy this morning!! All packed up and off to TURF PARADISE to deliver 8 boards!!! Wish me luck!!!

Zenyatta Replica Zenyatta Fans!!!!!

Here is a Z replica that I delivered to Maureen at Santa Anita this weekend. It isn’t her GIANT size 8 shoe, but an “average” size 6. My business, IF THESE SHOES COULD TALK, makes all kinds of things with USED shoes (Bridle racks, Trophies, Halter/Coat racks, Ribbon Boards etc). I have the old shoes CHROMED or GOLD plated and can make something special for you with the shoes you have saved too!! Check out my Facebook album here!

Zenyatta replica loving family Zenyatta Lover’s!

ZENYATTA!!!!……What a happy family!!! Grandma and Grandpa bought their grandkids to Santa Anita to have breakfast and watch the horses train on the track this morning. They are big Zenyatta fans and loved my work, so they bought my last Z replica trophy and a CHROMED and GOLD plated shoe. Check out my Facebook and Flickr albums. I would love to make something special for you.

Record setting El Gato Malo “El Gato Malo”

EL GATO MALO…..Bob Carper was so happy when he picked up his trophy at clockers corner this morning. I had El Gato Malo’s used shoes polished and Gold Plated. He won the San Rafael Stakes at Santa Anita and set the track record with these shoes…..1 MILE 1:33.37 January 12, 2008.

In Loving Memory Bridle Rack “In Loving Memory of Magic”

I finally delivered the trophy this morning!! –In Loving Memory Of…..MAGIC– Marilyn was SO happy. She gave me a big hug and told me a few stories about Magic, and how this means so much to her! Work is work, but the feelings I get from orders like this are INCREDIBLE!!!

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